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Flea Market 2011

One of our favorite days of the year is without a doubt the county Flea Market. Our whole family loves to hunt for bargains and treasures… the hidden diamonds among the rough. This year I found an old French potato basket… love it!Mark always checks out the instruments… one year he found a beautiful old […]

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One Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed

Please excuse the blurry pictures… I am not a seasoned photographer who knows how to set my camera for action shots.  But these shots capture our little Birdie as she flits and flies and discovers her wings. Oh, little one, if Mommy could freeze time, I would. How precious are these days with you. Don’t […]

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Welcome Home, Baby Savannah!

It was a very special memory to be at Jamie and Angela’s house when they brought little Savannah Summer Joy home from the hospital. Ava was in awe of her tiny baby cousin, and she watched closely as Uncle Jamie lifted his newborn daughter out of her car seat and gently laid her in Auntie […]

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I’m a Proud Auntie!

Meet Savannah Summer Joy Swan! Isn’t she a little dolly?? Angela is still recuperating from preeclampsia and high blood pressure, so please keep her in your prayers. But both Jamie and Angela are walking on air as they enjoy their brand new baby girl. She was born July 9th at 9:04 pm. 7 pounds and […]

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For the Love of Strawberries

“The highlights of life truly are catching fireflies and picking strawberries.” ~ Susan Blake The strawberries are ripe for the picking this week! While Jodie was home for the week, we high-tailed it to LuneyBerries to fill our buckets. It was a gorgeous day to be at the farm. I love this flower garden with […]

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Grandpa’s 90th at Forest Lake

We had a surprise 90th Birthday Party for Grandpa at Forest Lake while he was visiting us. It was fun to invite his closest friends from GR and celebrate his life with them. Mingling and making the rounds with his dear friends. Grandpa’s personality causes people to gravitate to him… He loves people! It’s fun […]

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July 4th 2011

“America, America, God shed His grace on thee…” Enjoyed a b-e-a-u-tiful day on the lake on the 4th with the family. Jamie and Angela couldn’t make it since they are awaiting the arrival of their little one, but Jodie was able to come up for the whole week, along with Grandpa Swan from Alexandria. It […]

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Beatin’ the Heat

“A happy life is simply the sum of many small, happy moments.” ~ Penny Krugman Our gloomy, rainy days finally left us, and in came the hot, humid days of Summertime. With no air-conditioning in our house, Ava and I have been spending our afternoons cooling off at the beach. The first day we went, […]

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