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Pink & Green

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9 Months Old


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I Savor the Simple Life.

When I think about my favorite memories of my life, it’s funny how they have nothing to do with big, expensive events, concerts, or nights out on the town. The memories that make me smile the most and that bring tears to my eyes, are the simple times at home with my family. Summer evenings […]

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All Things Bright & Beautiful

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To The Strawberry Patch

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A Party for Savannah Summer

Sweet Savannah Summer Joy turned 2 this month, and she had a fun Summer party held at her grandparents house in Stillwater. Full of water games and outdoor running… she and her cousins had a great time. It wasn’t too many months ago we had quite a scare when a doctor misdiagnosed our little Savvy […]

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A Visit from Grandpa

Grandpa Dillon came to visit in July. It had been a year since Ava had seen him, but she seemed to remember him and warmed up to him right away. Mark and his dad took a couple of fun afternoons to run to some pawn shops hunting for deals and visiting a guitar-maker friend and […]

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Pink Toes and Cherry Berry

For my birthday, Holly gave me a such a special treat… I had my first pedicure in 9 years! Yep, I haven’t had one since right before my wedding, and it felt heavenly! Holly did take a picture of me, but I was wearing a dress and it wasn’t the most flattering picture as I […]

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