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11 months

You still growl like a little bear… ever since you were a month old. And unlike your sister who is a very picky eater, you eat anything we put in front of you. You wrinkle up your nose and breath in and out to make everyone laugh. You have 2 molars now! You are rarely […]

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Momma’s Eyeliner

I seriously can’t leave this child alone for 2 seconds. Ever.

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Sister Play

Emma is at an age now where the girls love to play together. I often hear them giggling when I am in the next room… I think it is my favorite sound in the whole world. They love to play in their princess tent together, bringing in dolls or toys or really mad kitties to […]

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Nana and Papa Cal

Nana and Papa Cal arrived from Missouri for a weekend visit! Of course they used this time to “spoil us all rotten”, as Nana likes to call it, bringing in bags of toys and gifts for all of us. She called it an early Christmas, since we don’t make it down there for the holidays. […]

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