8 months

Oh, my goodness… she’s so precious, I could just eat her up! We brought Ava out in the snow for a 30 second photo shoot and she squealed with delight, and we were able to get such sweet shots of her. She’s a pro now with this whole modeling thing. :)

Ava Baby, this last month was a big one! Here’s what happened:
:) You finally got 2 little bottom teeth! They poked through on October 30th… {See pictures 8 & 9}. The first one must have appeared in the middle of the night, and the next one came through later in that same day. Daddy was playing with you on the bed and I was making breakfast… He yelled for me and said, “Come quick!” I ran up the stairs and he told me to feel your gums. Yep! There it was, your first sharp, little tooth poking through. Mommy cried a bit. Yeah, I know I’m a bit sentimental, but my baby was getting older! {And I was a bit relieved that you finally had teeth and weren’t going to be toothless for the rest of your life… these are things Mommies worry about sometimes}. Then later in the day, I was feeling your little tooth for the millionth time, and suddenly I felt that another one had popped through~ right next door to your other one. It was just a few days before you turned 8 months.
:) On our way to Marmie and Papa’s house that night, you discovered your new teeth. You used your little fore-finger and slowly rubbed them back and forth, back and forth ~ feeling these sharp, little objects in your mouth. It was so cute!

:) You got these cute little overalls and sweater from Uncle Jamie and Auntie Ang… SO sweet on you! They love you VERY much!
:) You have been working at getting up on your hands and knees… still no crawling yet, but you’re getting close. If you start to move you do a little belly flop on the floor and then can’t get back up again.
:) You went to your first Craft Shows with Marmie and Mommy. There were lots of people, and we stopped to talk with many people that we knew… you did very well, and smiled politely at them all. You wore your blue sweater and hat that Auntie Shirley knit for you.

:) Some of Daddy’s nicknames for you are “Short Stack”, “Half Pint” and “Drama Queen”. He has many more, but these are the three main ones.
:) Mommy’s nicknames for you are “Ava-Baby”, “Ava-Birdie”, and “Baby Girl”.
:) You spent your first WHOLE day at Marmie’s house a couple of weeks ago. Daddy brought you to her house in the morning before work and then picked you up when he was done at 5 o’clock. It was such a long day for Mommy without you! I called to check on you quite a few times, but you were always having such a great time! Mommy got a lot of housework done that day, but I was so relieved to see you coming through the back door with Daddy that evening. I hugged you so tight!

:) Sometimes you randomly shout out, “D”! You discovered that consonant one day and have been saying it ever since.
:) You like to giggle! When we make funny faces, we can get you really laughing!
:) Some of your favorite foods are carrots, sweet potatoes and chicken, vegetables and pasta, squash, bananas, blueberries and apples, pears and raspberries, & pumpkin and cinnamon… you still don’t like green beans or peas, but we hide them in your other food so you don’t know you’re eating them… sneaky, aren’t we?! Ha!

:) You get so messy while you eat that we have to strip you down to your diaper every time. You smear it everywhere before we can stop you! We were tired of staining your clothes, so we just take them off for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then re-dress you afterward. I’m not sure what we’ll do if we go to a restaurant! I guess people will just have to stare.
:) You are sleeping so good now. An hour nap in the morning, an hour nap in the early afternoon, and a half hour nap in the late afternoon. Then you sleep 11 and a half hours at night. Once in a while you wake up crying for your pacifier when you can’t find it, but you’re getting much better.
:) You sleep on your belly now. There’s just no stopping you.

:) You love trips to the grocery stores and Target now that you can sit up in the front seat. You observe so much going on around you. Sometimes when you’re tired, you lean your head back on the bar in back of you… that can’t be comfortable.
:) Mommy’s already collecting cute little stocking stuffers for you! I just can’t help myself.
:) We all keep talking about how much we are looking forward to the upcoming Christmas season, and watching you discover the magic of the holidays.

:) Your first “Christmas in the City” weekend is coming up in just a few short weeks! Auntie Ang and Uncle Jamie have some fun things planned for us. Eeeeeee! I can’t wait!
:) Mommy has your Thanksgiving meal all ready for you… I bought little jars of “Apple Turkey Cranberry”, “Sweet Potato Cinnamon”, “Apple Butternut Squash”, and for dessert we have “Pumpkin Apple”. Mmmmmm! They sound delicious! I think you’re really going to like them. {These are from Earth’s Best Organic if anyone wants to find them}. I would love for you to be sitting at the Thanksgiving table in a sweet little dress, enjoying your yummy meal… but unfortunately you will probably be naked. {But considering that the Pilgrims invited the indians to their Thanksgiving meal, I’m sure there were some scantily clad men at the table. Maybe we’ll just put some tiny moccasins on you and pretend you’re our little indian friend. :) }

:) You are getting more and more snugly all the time… much to our delight!
:) You L.O.V.E to talk on the cell phone to all your “peeps”, but we’ve heard that cell phones are not very good for babies, so now we use the speaker phone {which you think is pretty cool!}

:) Uncle Kog once again captured some amazing treasures for us when he took these pictures… and all in literally 30 seconds! Thanks Jodie! I’m in awe of your talent. Check out his blog for more amazing photography and writing at highergroundblog.com.

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