A Wooded Walk.

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.” 
-Robert Frost

These pictures are from a few weeks ago already. I’m a bit behind again, but I still wanted to record the beautiful “end of summer” walk we took after breakfast one morning at Sugarwoods. Marmie and Papa volunteered to do the breakfast dishes so we could all get out and enjoy the gorgeous sunny morning. The air is already getting cooler and before you know it, the woods will begin to change into browns and reds and yellows and burnt oranges. Fall is quickly approaching.
Savannah enjoys her walks in her backpack. She seems to love to be in nature with her family. She is such a honey!Holding Daddy’s hand.
Marmie and Papa’s driveway is so magical. I love that they live so deep in the woods and have a beautiful wooded drive up to their cabin. We affectionately call their property Sugarwoods, and have walked this road so many times.
Chasing Uncle Kogi!
The days of summer are fading quickly. Cooler breezes are upon us, and we enjoy the last drops of sunshine and warmth that the good Lord gives us. The smell of Autumn is in the air… and with it comes the excitement of precious things to come. :)

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