Owen Lake 2010

Owen Lake… such a gorgeous place. It is one of my most favoritest {yes, it’s a word!} times of the year. This year was quite different for me since I have a 6 month old. I ended up taking her home each night to sleep in her own bed, and we came back each morning to spend the day with everyone. So, really, Ava kind of dipped her toe into camping this year… but next year, baby, she’s roughing it no matter what!

I love our campsite that we get every year because it is filled to the brim with pines, and the sun shines through in such a beautiful way. It is surrounded by water on 3 sides with trails leading down to the lake; and the best part is that we get the peninsula all to ourselves. We leave our canoe pulled up on shore so we can head out anytime for a quick jaunt.

My mother always makes the coziest tent. She puts warm blankets on the floor, makes a little makeshift end table where she keeps her lantern, alarm clock, kleenex, her Bible and stack of books… she really does make it a home away from home. I climbed into her tent quite a few times just to experience the warmth of it all.

Uncle Kog playing games with Ava Baby in the hammock.

It was fun to find out that Jamie likes camping! I was a little worried that roughing it wouldn’t be his thing {but, actually, I don’t think you could call the way we camp exactly “roughing it”! :) }

Mark looks at our peninsula from the water.

Jodie and Caden plan there next strategic move in their Scrabble game.

This was adorable… Jack seemed completely twitterpated with Jenn! :) He gazed into her eyes for the longest time!

Jamie and Angela made “Hobos” for us over the open fire… what a treat! This is a tradition with Angela’s family when they camp, and I’m so glad she shared it with us. They were so delicious!

One of the most special things for me is the songs around the campfire at night. Dad and Mark also had their own jam session one afternoon.

Ava Baby had a hard time taking very long naps in the tent, so at times she got a little cranky and overwhelmed. She is a little girl who loves her routine and familiar surroundings. Hopefully next year she’ll be a little more open to change!! {It was quite chilly so we bundled her in a snuggly snowsuit to keep her toasty.}

P.S. My beautiful sister-in-law has more lovely pictures of our trip here. Oh, please check out her blog… I know you’ll be blessed by her writing and her heart.

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