“It was her gardens at home that always gave her the most joy.”
– Melissa Hellstern on Audrey Hepburn

Last year at this time I was 3 months pregnant, and if I even looked at a vegetable it would make me sick to my stomach. So my poor little garden behind the garage was left to run amuck. In the spring when we were tilling up the garden, we found huge, beautiful carrots still in the ground from last fall {unfortunately soft and inedible}, and I’m sure they were wondering why they had been so carelessly neglected. My poor carrots.

This year has been such a delight to watch it all grow and harvest so much produce {3 kinds of tomatoes, beans, pod peas, huge carrots, cabbage, broccoli, swiss chard, arugula, peppers, 3 kinds of lettuce, onions, mint, oregano}, … more than we can eat! I eat big salads everyday for lunch, and I still have to give so much away to family, friends, and neighbors ~ anyone who will take it. It has been so rewarding. I’m definitely hooked on gardening. I even love weeding!  It’s good for my soul.  And this year I am eating every single one of my carrots!

One day this summer I was weeding near my green peppers and a frog jumped right on my hand… Eeeeeewww! I haaaate frogs! I screamed and ran into the alley, literally shuddering over and over. Then when I calmed down, I got a stick and tried to shoo him out of my garden, but he kept jumping towards me. I started shouting, “No! Bad frog! Bad frog!” And considering that every window on the block was open, I’m pretty sure all my neighbors now think I’m crazy. Oh well. It’s a price I’m willing to pay to keep the frogs out of my garden. :) Apparently I’m not quite as “at home” with garden critters as Beatrix Potter. But I did have a little bunny friend that I named Peter Rabbit due to the fact that he enjoyed nibbling on my lettuce leaves.

Ava Baby loved spending time in the garden while Mommy worked. I think she’s a budding gardener. Next year she’ll be a year and a half and she will be able to help me harvest! {I can just imagine the tomato juice running down her shirt as she squishes them between her fingers! Ha! :) } I’m looking up some recipes to blend and puree my own baby food from all our fresh veggies! Have any of you done this before? I’ve heard it’s pretty easy and much cheaper than buying jars at the store.

I’ll be back soon with Ava’s 6 month pictures… Yep, we’re a little behind. But they turned out so cute!

Happy Harvesting!


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