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Girls in Blue Dresses

“There is no better friend than a sister…” These little girls are the best of friends. They love to dress alike, and it makes it easier for Mommy as well. I get asked all the time if they are twins… (??) I always think that’s a little strange considering the height difference. Sister Love. I […]

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March Preschool

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I’ve been on a journey to find the focused life that the Lord wants me to lead right now… what things I should be doing, what things I should cut out. It isn’t easy to find the right balance, but I do know that I can’t do it all. So I’m going to be closing […]

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A Warm Winter Day

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Ava’s Winter Dance Recital

Ava with Teacher Jenessa. * Thank you, Uncle Kogi, for taking pictures… because we know all mine would have been blurry!

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Little Kitchen Helper

I don’t do much in the kitchen these days without my little helper. She runs and gets our aprons… “One for Momma and one for Ava.”  She cracks eggs, she pours, she mixes, she licks the spoon. Last night we baked a chocolate cake. And today we’re eating it. Mmmmmmmmm….

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A Winter Day

Our weather has been extremely cold this winter, and it started earlier than normal, so we didn’t have much opportunity to play outside in the snow. Unfortunately now that it’s a little warmer, the snow is no longer sticky, which means no snowmen or snowballs or forts. But Birdie didn’t seem to mind… as long […]

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A Pink Christmas

Early Christmas morning… the coffee is brewed, the candles are lit, the carols are playing softly in the background. It’s finally time for 2 very good little girls to open their long-awaited presents. The big gift this year was the one that their Daddy lovingly spent long hours building for them.  Both he and I […]

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Frosting and Sprinkles

Auntie Angela had a fun activity for the older girls to do during our Christmas in the City visit… decorating gingerbread cookies! I think that this is Ava’s favorite activity EVER, since it involves being artistic and eating candy. The girls did such a good job decorating and sharing frosting, sprinkles and candy. It kept […]

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Decking the Halls

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” -Burton Hillis This was the first year that Ava really understood and enjoyed decorating the tree. Last year she wanted to play with the ornaments, and she cried each time we took them away […]

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